For sale is a 2007 Monaco LaPalma 36WBS, Diesel Pusher Motorhome Coach. This coach is on a Roadmaster Chassis, with 300HP Cummins ISB engine and 6 speed automatic transmission. Is approximately 36.6 feet long, has 1 slide, GVWR weight 22,000. This Coach has newer Vinyl wood looking floors, solid counters, 2 air conditioner/heat pumps, full body paint, leveling jacks and much more!! Built in Onan 5,500 diesel generator with only 87 hours on it. Coach has newer batteries, New slide out topper vinyl, one small chip on windshield, Please look at over 250 pictures.

The coach has California Salvage Title due having water damage. Coach was not in a flood, it appears that the window was left open and floors got wet. Portion of the floors in the front area, such as carpet and vinyl was removed before we took possession. There is no water damage to the sub floors.  We drove it from Texas to California, Coach runs and drives perfect, everything does work and is located in Rocklin California 95677.  Coach is for sale by a dealer, There is no financing available, sold AS-IS, It is currently registered and has gone through all CA required inspection. All California Buyer must pay 7.25% sales tax. Feel free to make me a reasonable offer and call me or text with any additional questions at 916-343-3437 Paul Thank you!!

I am also advertising this Coach locally and other websites and reserve the right to cancel the listing early, so if you are interested make an offer don't wait till the end of listing.

Also please visit our website at

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IMG_1880_zpsxhxhgnkw.jpg  photo IMG_1881_zpsgekrv6we.jpg  photo IMG_1882_zpskh3uerb8.jpg  photo IMG_1883_zpsscpqsv8t.jpg  photo IMG_1884_zpsmzrqfdat.jpg  photo IMG_1885_zpsf2t15xsd.jpg
Air Conditioners 2
Awnings 2
Deposit amount 500.0
Deposit type 1
For Sale By Dealer
Fuel Type Diesel
Length (feet) 36
Leveling Jacks Included Yes
Make Monaco
Mileage 48372
Model LaPalma 36WBS
Sleeping Capacity 6
Slide Outs 1
Type Class A
Vehicle Title Salvage
VIN 1RF31346372041773
VIN Number 1RF31346372041773
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Water Capacity (Gallons) None
Year 2007

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