1987 JDM Suzuki GAG RB50 with 89cc kit !!!

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This is a 1987 Japanese Market Suzuki GAG RB50. This was also briefly sold in the U.K. as the GSXR-50. Very rare in the states, this one was legally imported to the U.S. last year. It is being offered with Bill of Sale only. I CAN SHIP THIS BIKE ANYWHERE WORLD WIDE AND ALL 50 STATES!

I recently had the entire bike repainted in a lightly modified GAG paint scheme, all the bodywork is OEM original Suzuki. I also had the seat reconditioned, wheels were recently painted and the bike has a number of performance mods that were done by the previous owner in Japan.

This GAG has a Takegawa 89cc engine kit, aftermarket cam, valves, springs and cam chain and I believe it has had some head work done as well. Modified exhaust, catch can, and an aftermarket racing carb. Bike also has an aftermarket oil cooler. The stock GAG's were pretty anemic, around 7 horsepower I think, this one will actually move!!

Low original Km's and in very nice condition, especially with all new paint, seat and the engine mods.

Please check out all the pics and let me know if you need more. You can inspect in person in So Cal, I can also crate and ship this worldwide, or in the states or work with your shipper!

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1987 Suzuki GAG RB50 GSXR 50 R Monkey NSR mini RB 50 takegawa YSR TZM

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